Alain Petitclerc

Massage therapist in Kent and London, offering tailored treatments to relax, relieve pain and restore movement

sunriseMy massage therapies work to relieve stress and treat injuries, and have helped musicians, sportsmen and sportswomen return to fitness.

If you are stressed, aching or injured, my sensitively tailored treatments can help you relax and recharge, restoring your fitness and aiding recovery. Whether you are an office worker suffering from sitting at a computer all day long, a commuter with aches and pains from daily travel or a professional with a physically demanding job, my individually-customized treatments can help put you back in tune with your body. Anyone feeling run down by the stresses of daily life or because of the demands of their job can benefit from my massage therapies.

Professional musicians rely on the effectiveness of my massage therapies to relieve the stresses and strains associated with performance and travel, and can approach concerts with the peace of mind that my range of therapies will help ensure they are on top form, ready to meet the demands of their job.

My treatments and specific exercise programmes can help counteract the demands placed on your body through physical exertion and repetitive movements -- whether through sport, playing musical instruments or through the strains of daily life -- and they can help you maintain your peak physical fitness and ensure you always perform at your best.

Call me on 07973 745376 to see how my range of treatments could help you feel and perform at your best.

I'm Alain Petitclerc, a professional violinist and massage therapist.

As a massage therapist, I consult for all of the leading London orchestras on a regular basis, working in particular with the orchestra of the English National Ballet. My massage therapy has helped musicians, conductors, soloists, dancers, golfers and cricketers, and I have worked with clients aged between 3 and 75!

I qualified as a Practitioner from the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage in 2003, and have since broadened and refined my therapeutic skills through courses in anatomy, dissection, neuromuscular reeducation, soft tissue release and lymph drainage. My diverse range of knowledge and experience helps me tailor treatments to each person's individual needs.

As a professional violinist I play in world-famous orchestras including the London Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic, and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo, and so have a lot of first-hand experience of the effects of a physically demanding job!

Call me on 07973 745376 to find out how my unique experience and professional skill-sets can help you.

Sports massageMy sports massage treatments help to relieve the tensions and pains that can result from strenuous physical exercise, helping you to recover to peak physical fitness after minor injuries or overexertion. Whether you are a professional athlete, a casual sports-player or a gym-fanatic, my massage-expertise and knowledge of anatomy will provide a sensitive treatment that will help you to overcome the muscle tensions and persistent pangs that can impede your performance.

I offer a regular maintenance massage routine that will help to keep your muscles in top form, maintaining their flexibility and mobility through a deep and thorough massage. Whilst I work all over the body, I concentrate particularly on the specific muscle-groups that are critical to your sport, and I tailor your treatment to ensure that potential problem areas are given the attention that they need to prevent persistent aches and pains.

As with professional musicians before concerts, sportsmen and women can benefit from a pre-event massage treatment to help reduce muscle tension to guarantee top-performance. Depending on your discipline's requirements, my sports massage treatments can be customized to energise or relax you, helping you to prepare physically and mentally for your event. Afterwards, my post-event sports massages help to soothe aching muscles and aid the body's own recovery processes, reducing the risk of injuries and pains.

If you are injured or physically run-down, my rehabilitation sports massage will help to relieve you of both acute and chronic pains, soothing both specific muscles and helping to promote the healing of damaged tissues and fibres.

Day 96Craniosacral therapy is a subtle and profound healing form which leaves many feeling deeply relaxed, calm and re-balanced.

I will use gentle and light touches to analyze and re-establish the natural rhythms of your body, helping to trigger your own healing mechanisms to leave you feeling fit, fresh and relaxed.

Craniosacral treatment is a popular and effective tool to complement a demanding sports massage, or to soothe mind and body after rigorous physical exercise.

All of the techniques used are non-intrusive, so you can benefit from craniosacral therapy even when you are fully-clothed.

Common questions

What will happen in my first massage therapy session?

Your first session will begin with some detective work. I will perform a postural assessment, and ask you to explain a little about your problem. I will ask you to fill out a short form which will determine whether you have had any treatments like this before, whether you suffer from things like high blood pressure, and whether you have seen a doctor about your injury or discomfort. I will set to work on the painful area, but I will also work around the whole body to give you a complete treatment.

How long is a massage therapy session?

My massage therapy sessions are typically between 50-minutes and an hour, but I will only stop then if I’m sure the job is done! My clients usually find that three sessions over a few weeks usually work best, as the first session often uncovers tensions in muscles they never knew they had!

Where will my massage session take place?

I like to make things as comfortable as possible, and so my massage therapy sessions are conducted in a warm, light and homely room in my house in Tonbridge. Far removed from the clinical nature of many physiotherapists, you will feel completely relaxed with me!

What should I wear?

As you will have to take some clothes off for your massage therapy, you might like to wear something loose and comfortable. Some people wear sports shorts, but some people come straight from work – whatever is easiest for you! I provide towels and privacy whilst you change, and you will have a bell to ring when you are ready for me to come in and start the treatment.

Is massage therapy always appropriate?

There are some conditions which may make you unsuitable for massage therapy treatment. Please discuss with me in advance of the massage if any of the below apply to you.

  • High/low blood pressure
  • Recent surgery
  • Cancer
  • Heart condition
  • Metal/plastic implants
  • Skin conditions
  • Thrombosis
  • Haemophilia
  • Varicose veins
  • Diabetes
  • Taking any medication


Sessions cost £40 for 50 minutes.

How to get in touch

My practice is in Tonbridge, Kent, within walking distance of the mainline station.

If you'd like to know more about my massage or want to book an appointment, call me on 07973 745376 or email


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