Alain Petitclerc

Massage therapist in Kent and London, offering tailored treatments to relax, relieve pain and restore movement

Sports Massage

Sports massageMy sports massage treatments help to relieve the tensions and pains that can result from strenuous physical exercise, helping you to recover to peak physical fitness after minor injuries or overexertion. Whether you are a professional athlete, a casual sports-player or a gym-fanatic, my massage-expertise and knowledge of anatomy will provide a sensitive treatment that will help you to overcome the muscle tensions and persistent pangs that can impede your performance.

I offer a regular maintenance massage routine that will help to keep your muscles in top form, maintaining their flexibility and mobility through a deep and thorough massage. Whilst I work all over the body, I concentrate particularly on the specific muscle-groups that are critical to your sport, and I tailor your treatment to ensure that potential problem areas are given the attention that they need to prevent persistent aches and pains.

As with professional musicians before concerts, sportsmen and women can benefit from a pre-event massage treatment to help reduce muscle tension to guarantee top-performance. Depending on your discipline's requirements, my sports massage treatments can be customized to energise or relax you, helping you to prepare physically and mentally for your event. Afterwards, my post-event sports massages help to soothe aching muscles and aid the body's own recovery processes, reducing the risk of injuries and pains.

If you are injured or physically run-down, my rehabilitation sports massage will help to relieve you of both acute and chronic pains, soothing both specific muscles and helping to promote the healing of damaged tissues and fibres.

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