Alain Petitclerc

Massage therapist in Kent and London, offering tailored treatments to relax, relieve pain and restore movement

Who can benefit?

sunriseMy massage therapies work to relieve stress and treat injuries, and have helped musicians, sportsmen and sportswomen return to fitness.

If you are stressed, aching or injured, my sensitively tailored treatments can help you relax and recharge, restoring your fitness and aiding recovery. Whether you are an office worker suffering from sitting at a computer all day long, a commuter with aches and pains from daily travel or a professional with a physically demanding job, my individually-customized treatments can help put you back in tune with your body. Anyone feeling run down by the stresses of daily life or because of the demands of their job can benefit from my massage therapies.

Professional musicians rely on the effectiveness of my massage therapies to relieve the stresses and strains associated with performance and travel, and can approach concerts with the peace of mind that my range of therapies will help ensure they are on top form, ready to meet the demands of their job.

My treatments and specific exercise programmes can help counteract the demands placed on your body through physical exertion and repetitive movements -- whether through sport, playing musical instruments or through the strains of daily life -- and they can help you maintain your peak physical fitness and ensure you always perform at your best.

Call me on 07973 745376 to see how my range of treatments could help you feel and perform at your best.

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